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Is your vision exploiting Technology to maximize your Business Edge?

We realize it with our expertise in Web Services, Mobile Apps and Big Data Analytics.

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Our Expertise, Your Advantage

We have proven track record in

Mobile-first BYOD Enterprise and Consumer solutions

Deliverying Responsive Web Solutions for Enterprises and Consumers

Connecting You to Your Users and Customers on all Social Media channels

Developing Fast, Efficient, Maintanable Angular JS, Node JS and Bootstrap Applications

Solutions Driven by Event and API based Microservices to evolve your solution

Solutions for Enterprise class Middleware Platforms like TIBCO, Mulesoft and OpenESB

Integration to Legacy and Enterprise Datastores such as Mainframes and all Relational Databases

Installation and Integration with MongoDB and Hadoop based Big Data collection and Storage

Enabling Rich MapReduce based Analytics for you to make critical, informed business decisions.

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We Practice What We Preach

We test technology, process and market with our own market leading products

Our revolutionary EdTech platform Pondoly has created a niche-market in Next-Gen Engaged Learning

Pondoly is now enabling our unique technology for Global Publishers to benefit from.

Kollct, our Instant Micro-payments platform will soon make ATMs redundant.

Lambda, is our Microservices & API management platform for Enterprises (public soon!).

These platforms are built to withstand market and technology dynamics.

They're testaments of our foundations in Agility, Maintainability and Measurement Driven Decisions.

Sturdy Foundations

We build solutions founded on high quality, high-maintainability and high efficiency.

This means you get the best grounding at a CTC that everybody can appreciate.

Fast to Market

From On-Premise to Cloud solutions, we employ Agile, Iterative development with AWS, GIT, JIRA, GRUNT with PHP, .NET, Java, Docker, Kubernetes, CoreOS, Hypermedia for API and Microservices.

This means you get functioning Applications soon to get your customer/user feedback to improve.


Our magic is Collaborative Development.

This means we involve you at every step of the way, work with you to understand your Enterprise and Market.

Our Transparency is our secret sauce.

Measured Success

We expose to you Analytics Past and Present to guide future directions.

This means you can make key decisions mid-development to match Data Driven directions.

Our agility in our process helps you better realize your vision.

Our Consumer and Enterprise Platforms

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